Give the Gift of Hope

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Every year, StepUp invests about $3,600 in supportive services for each job seeker working to overcome a barrier to employment, such as a criminal background, homelessness, or substance abuse history. Overcoming that barrier can be the first step towards economic stability and the material, emotional, and spiritual benefits that can result. This includes the ability to feed one's family, maintain safe and stable housing, reduce debt, build savings, and much more. 

It's not hard to see just how far a gift to StepUp can go. Are you passionate about ending homelessness? An investment in StepUp can help someone afford a home. Do you feel moved to support the survivors of domestic violence? An investment in StepUp can help a survivor build an economic future. Do you envision a world with greater food security? An investment in StepUp can help someone afford fresh produce and sustainably-sourced foods.

StepUp Durham is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions to StepUp are fully tax deductible.


United Way GIfts

Did you know that you can redirect your United Way gift to StepUp Durham? Just write "StepUp Durham" on the line pertaining to gift designation when you make your gift. It's that simple!   


In-Kind Donations

Provide Food for the Job Skills Workshop

StepUp Durham is always looking for groups interesting in providing healthy meals during our week-long Job Skills Workshop. We typically serve a light breakfast of bagels or muffins, fruit, and coffee. Lunch consists of something that can be made or purchased ahead of time (ex. sandwiches, lasagna, salad, fried chicken, casseroles, etc.). Those interested in providing a meal for StepUp Durham participants are invited to contact Pauline Robinson, Volunteer Coordinator,