StepUp Success Stories

               Mark Alston, Maintenance Tech & Trainer

              Mark Alston, Maintenance Tech & Trainer

Christiana - One year of experience as a Personal Care Assistant. Became a certified CNA November 2016 right before attending StepUp's 32-hour workshop. Started at Duke University Health System in a full-time permanent position as a CNA in January. Planning on going back to school to obtain an LPN certificate.


Ronnie – Certified horticulture technician with landscaping and lawn care experience. Worked a series of temporary and part-time jobs throughout 2016. Attended December 2016 StepUp workshop seeking a stable, full-time position. Employed with Greenscape, Inc. (StepUp employer) as a crew member in February 2017, with ample opportunities to advance within the company.


Herman - Attended our workshop in late September. Got two part-time jobs at C&H Cafeteria and Dollar Tree by mid-October. Worked his way out of homelessness and obtained housing in mid-November.


Sarah* - Graduated from workshop in January 2017. Landed a part-time job immediately at C&H Cafeteria. She is continuously striving to grow in her work experience.


Jennifer* - Graduated from workshop in December 2016 and found employment within 30 days working in assisted living. She hopes to one day own her own business making and selling jewelry and provide more stability for herself and her daughter.


Mark - 20 years of maintenance experience. Unemployed since November 2015. Graduated StepUp on April 2016 workshop. Employed as a trainer at Premiere Building Maintenance Corp. on June 1. Read more about Mark's success here.


John* - Business-owner and entrepreneur. Graduated October 2015 workshop. Continued working as self-employed landscaper until a position with UniFirst (StepUp Employer) became available at $11/hr. He started his new warehouse position on June 15. He is excited to have a stable position that is full time with benefits. 


Anne* - Graduated February 2016 workshop. Employed at $8.50/hr as housekeeper at the Washington Duke Inn (StepUp Employer) on March 23. Anne is using this position as a stepping stone while she and her son transition into more stable housing.


Ellen* - Graduated June 2016 StepUp workshop. Employed at Beyu Caffe as server on July 21. After her training period concludes, she will be making an average of $14/hr in this downtown coffee house. 


                                    Jajuanna Chavis, CNA

                                   Jajuanna Chavis, CNA

Shanika - Graduated May 2016 workshop. Employed as a cashier at Scrap Exchange (StepUp Employer) on June 20. Her supervisor praised her for the quality of her work and gave her responsibility for her own section of store a week after starting! Read more of Shanika's success here.


Jajuanna - Certified CNA with four years of experience in the healthcare field. Balancing part-time and contract work since August 2015. Graduated StepUp in November 2015. Employed as full time CNA at Croasdaile Village (StepUp Employer) in March 2016. Read more about Jajuanna's success here.


Zach - Former US Army infantryman. Eagle Scout. Skills laborer. Unemployed since August 2014. Graduated StepUp in November 2015. Employed nine days later as Sales Associate at M&K Menswear. Read more about Zach's success here.


Kathy -  Over 20 years of administrative experience and won "outstanding employee" three times with her former employer. Struggled to find work since 2013. Began partnering with StepUp in June 2016. Received three job offers by September 2016. 

          Zach Goins, Retail & Food Service Associate

         Zach Goins, Retail & Food Service Associate

Bill* -  Experienced in food service and manufacturing. Passionate about mentoring youth in his community. Out of work since 2014, but found employment with Beyu Café (a StepUp employer) 10 days after graduating StepUp Durham. 


Pinkey - 10 years of experience in the healthcare field. Unemployed since March 2012. Graduated StepUp in March 2016. Employed 18 days later with the Durham Bulls. Read more about Pinkey's success here.  


Jane* - Food service and inventory clerk experience. Volunteer with the Women's Center of Wake County. Unemployed for nine months. Partnered with StepUp in September and found employment in 26 days. 


Stoff - Over eight years of management experience as a former co-owner of a restaurant in Ohio. Unemployed since May 2015. Partnered with StepUp in November 2015 and found employment with Measurement Incorporated (StepUp employer) in 17 days. Read more of Stoff’s inspiring story here


Ginger - 20 year career as a bank teller. Took time off to care for a loved one and came to StepUp for assistance in reentering the workforce after six years. Began her partnership with StepUp in April 2016 and found employment as a bank teller with Duke University (StepUp employer) three months later.


Rob - Over 10 years of sales experience. Interested in making a career shift into hospitality with his recent OPERA Hotel Management Certification from Wake Tech. Began partnering with StepUp Durham in April 2016 and found employment with the Umstead Hotel (StepUp employer) within 11 days. 


* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of StepUp participants