What are StepUp graduates saying?

Job seekers hear about StepUp Durham through partner agencies (Urban Ministries, Families Moving Forward, NC Works, the Criminal Justice Resource Center, etc.), word of mouth, and staff outreach.

Very impressed by this organization, especially how quickly StepUp responded after I registered. Being able to begin the workshop the following week was very timely and exciting. Ready to see what the future holds, thanks again.
— StepUp Graduate, 3/17/17
This was very helpful. I still have more work to do, but now I have the tools to work with. Thank y’all very much.
— StepUp Graduate, 3/17/17
“Excellent company, staff was smart, energetic , and exciting, enjoyed each day of the training, would highly recommend to everyone that I know. Keep up the good work! I am better prepared for my job searching and for potential career options. Before the training I had outdated methods but now I’m freshly informed. Thank you for everything!”
— StepUp Graduate, 5/27/16
“I would definitely take the class again, as well as recommend the class to everyone I know seeking employment. Can attending class be my job? Lol. Love you guys!!!”
— StepUp Graduate, 5/13/16
“I just wish I had come to StepUp months ago. I think they are a great resource to Durham. Programs like this are needed and very effective for those seeking employment.”
— StepUp Graduate, 4/29/16
“Thank you, StepUp, for your inspiring and resourceful information and great staff. You have an impact and redirect people’s lives. Thanks again, StepUp.”
— StepUp Graduate, 7/29/16
“Loved it and looking forward to being part of StepUp forever.”
— StepUp Graduate, 3/11/16
“Thank you from the top of my heart. I would still be lost had I never come, and my confidence would still be lost.”
— StepUp Graduate, 5/13/16
“This was an awesome week. I feel so refreshed and ready for the work environment. I enjoyed that the class size was not too large, which made it personal. [I appreciate] The resume enhancement of experience from years ago prior to banking. A renewed feeling. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for your time and commitment!”
— StepUp Graduate, 4/29/16
“I really like the staff team and I feel confident that they had my best interest at heart.”
— StepUp Graduate, 8/12/16