Volunteer Spotlight: Edward Boyd

iNVICTUS Office Center, a co-working space, just opened its doors in June 2015. Yet the newness of iNVICTUS did not stop Edward Boyd, one of the managing partners, from providing it for free to StepUp Durham to hold its week-long employment readiness training. Providing a space for free for just one day would have been a big contribution, but to offer it free for two weeks - a total of 64 hours - was a tremendous gift.

Ed Boyd, however, is all about service to the community. Boyd serves on the StepUp Durham Advisory Committee, and has provided a wealth of business experience and invaluable guidance to the launch of StepUp Durham. His new venture, iNVICTUS, showcases his expertise and understanding of the needs of the Durham community. With the increase of freelancers and independent contractors in Durham, iNVICTUS provides needed amenities that working from home or a coffee shop cannot - from private conference and meeting rooms to print and mail services. In addition, iNVICTUS offers the ability to network with like-minded individuals.

"At iNVICTUS we strongly believe that the community and environment fosters innovation, productivity, and creativity," Boyd says. "Therefore, we built a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to work alongside each other and be inspired. iNVICTUS Office Center is where people and business come to work and grow - together.”

We are grateful for the service Ed Boyd provides to the community and StepUp Durham. 

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