We Love our Building

Place matters. That is why StepUp Durham is so proud to call 1307 West Knox Street home. The StepUp Durham office is more than just a building; it's a local landmark with a heck of a lot of history. In fact, one of our favorite things to do is meet a neighbor who smiles and says, "I remember when this was the old..."

We love hearing those stories, so feel free to stop by and share one if you're ever in the neighborhood. And even if you haven't seen our building before, stop by anytime. We'll be happy to pour you a cup of coffee and proudly point you to a framed sign that tells the story of our home. It reads: 

About this place...

By Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Originally serving as a grocery store and butcher shop for the Walltown neighborhood, this building was converted in the late 1990’s into a home for Walltown Neighborhood Ministries (WNM). After years of meeting for prayer once a week, pastors of local churches called other community organizations together to form WNM, dedicated to holistic community development and the well-being of everyone in the Walltown community.
From 1999 until 2004, this building served as “headquarters” for WNM. This sign hung outside to mark this space as a center for community-related activities and a regular gathering place for concerned neighbors.
Beginning in 2004, WNM decentralized its operations, housing its community programs within partner organizations. A community roundtable model emerged as a way for WNM to convene partner organizations to collaborate for the common good.
In 2014, WNM invited StepUp Durham to join its roundtable and use this space for job and life skills training. Because access to good work—especially for people who have encountered the criminal justice system—is a felt need in the Walltown community, WNM is glad to be able to continue its mission in this space through partnership with StepUp Durham.
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