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Program graduates come to the interviews prepared, presenting themselves professionally and equipped with great interview answers.
— Brentley, Measurements Inc.

Who do we refer?


Employment Seekers

StepUp provides pre-employment training, screening, and referral services to any unemployed or underemployed person in Durham, especially those with challenges to employment, including:

· Justice-involved individuals

· Domestic violence survivors

· Veterans

· Refugees

· Gaps in employment history

· Laid off from a previous job

· Residents new to the Durham area



Every person who graduates from StepUp’s Job Skills Workshop must have demonstrated:

Honesty: StepUp requires 100% transparency on any and all issues that affect employment, including criminal background, substance use history, housing situation, transportation, childcare, employment history, and employment gaps.

Teachability: StepUp staff monitors a participant’s attitude towards task completion and their response to constructive feedback.

Reliability: StepUp staff assigns homework and maintains a strict schedule during the employment workshop.


Why Hire from Step Up?

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Support & Accountability

StepUp runs its 28-hour Job Skills Workshop like a simulated work environment. Participants must restart the entire week at a later date if they demonstrate continual tardiness or a failure to complete assigned tasks.

Every StepUp participant receives a professional Employment Counselor trained to coach job seekers in the skills needed to maintain strong job performance.

If a StepUp participant has difficulties on the job for any reason, StepUp's Employment Recruiter works diligently to meet with the employee (and employer if necessary) to (1) discuss the issue, (2) create an action plan for success, and (3) locate another eligible candidate if necessary.

Employers should also note that StepUp participants sign an agreement stating that they will stay with an employer for a minimum of six months. 


Employee Screening

Every participant in our Job Skills Workshop has met our partnership criteria:

· Ages 18+

· Valid Social Security number

· 90 days clean and sober

· Free of any pending charges

· Not listed on the sex offender registry


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