Andrew Archer: Artist and Altruist


By Amy S. Zimbelman

When Andrew Archer’s fiancee Rose served as an intern at StepUp in Raleigh, he was curious about it . . . so he asked her if he could observe a training.

Archer, a recent graduate from Birmingham Southern College who studied art and graphic design, was impressed with what he saw.

“I was really surprised that there was this resource out there for people," Archer says. "Of course you have employment agencies, but I hadn’t seen an organization training people in this way. StepUp is not trying to give handouts.

So in November 2015, Archer himself began volunteering at StepUp Durham. While he says he “loves art just for the sake of it,” he hopes to use his artistic skills for the good of others—to create a video featuring highlights of one of StepUp’s 32-hour Jobs Week trainings.

And Archer can relate to participants—he is in the job search himself. As a citizen of the Bahamas who has lived in the U.S. for seven years, Archer recently got the work permit he needs to begin the job hunt.

“I want to help folks but am looking to learn as well,” he says. “It’s great that StepUp wants to meet people where they are and not judge them, but instead equip them to go out and make their own money.

Looking ahead, Archer has high hopes for this year, his seventh in the U.S. “Seven is a big number for me,” he says. He hopes to volunteer with StepUp, find employment himself, and attend to his personal life as well—he and Rose are getting married in June.

Welcome aboard, Andrew!

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