Frequently Asked Questions


Where is StepUp's office? 

We are located at ReCity Network (112 Broadway Street, Suite B, Durham, NC 27701). Our office hours
are Monday - Thursday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM and Friday, 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM.


Where are StepUp's workshops taught?

StepUp's classes are not taught at the StepUp Durham office. To accommodate the greatest number of
job seekers in the widest geographic area, StepUp hosts workshops in spaces offered by community
partners across Durham. Workshops are always within 0.25 miles of a bus stop. Please call our office at
919-973-0890 for upcoming workshop locations. 


Does StepUp work with people who have any kind of criminal background?

The only charge that makes a person ineligible for partnership with StepUp is a sex offense because our workshops are hosted near daycare centers. StepUp partners with job seekers who have any other kind of background, including felonies and violent charges. 


Does StepUp provide meals? 

Yes. StepUp provides a light breakfast and lunch to participants each day during the 28-hour workshop.


Does StepUp provide childcare? 

We do not. We ask that job seekers have a childcare plan in place during the week, since they will need to have a plan when they obtain employment.


Does StepUp provide bus passes? 

StepUp does not provide bus passes to and from workshops. We do, however, provide bus passes to
and from an employer until a participant's first paycheck, if transportation is a significant barrier. 


Can a participant leave early on a workshop day or miss a portion of the week? 

No. StepUp's curriculum is designed so that each module builds on the former. We therefore ask that
participants sign up when they can commit to the entirety of the week. 


Does StepUp pay participants to attend the workshop? 

We do not. We use our resources to help people find employment and earn a sustainable living as quickly as