Staying Connected and Giving Back


My experience with StepUp has been very rewarding. I first learned about StepUp Durham through the Rapid Rehousing program with Housing For New Hope. I heard many great stories about the opportunities that StepUp provides and I had been looking for employment for quite some time, so I was intrigued to begin the program.

After I had graduated the Employment Readiness Workshop in February, I got a job offer from a StepUp employer. To this day I am working as a call coordinator with HB Hospitality
. I love the job and the company. I am truly grateful for my employment counselor, Elizabeth, for working with me and truly listening to my needs and understanding my situation. By doing so, she helped me find the perfect career.

I am constantly learning new things and gaining new experiences and opportunities from my participation in the Step2 program. My goals with StepUp are to network with as many people as possible and to build business relationships along the way. I joined the StepUp Ambassador's program so that I can help draw more people to StepUp so they can have access to the programs that I have benefited from. 

Throughout my overall experience with StepUp Durham I have developed a more focused attitude about the goals that I am pursuing. I have learned that there is so much more out there available to me than I could have ever imagined. I hope to continue to stay involved with StepUp and continue to build relationships with more amazing people.

Written by Ebony Bullock, StepUp Durham Ambassador

StepUp Durham