Building Community: The Launch of the Ambassadors Program


At StepUp Durham, we recognize that our participants are our greatest strength. As the Step 2 case manager, I noticed that so many people in our program were interested in giving back to the Durham community through service and advocacy. Our Executive Director, Syretta, wanted a way to engage participants in a way that gives them agency and felt an ambassadors program would be an amazing way to do so. Our hope is to utilize the passion and love for community that our participants possess and enable them to be apart of something called the Ambassadors Program

We are in our early stages of our monthly meetings, but I have already been able to witness a group of three women come together and speak about things they are passionate about changing and investing in within the Durham community. One of our members, Betty-Renee has already created a website for us, which allows all of us to keep track of events and service opportunities. It is so great to see each participant utilize their strengths in order to contribute to our new and developing program. 

Our goal is to run the ambassador meetings like a board meeting, with all of the members sharing responsibilities and having their respective roles. The women run the meetings, I am just there to listen, learn, and provide the food. I am so excited to see the kind of impact these women will make with their passion and commitment to equity and giving back to the community! 

Written by Emily Kouba, Public Allies Intern  

StepUp Durham